The NBA Playoffs Are Starting To Get Petty

Sunday’s slate of games brought out the best and worst in some of the league’s best players

Christopher Chung/The Press Democrat/Lede In Illustration

On Sunday, we were blessed with four back-to-back NBA showdowns. Deep into the first round, players have shown every emotion, from frustration amongst teammates to on-court altercations, to trash talk in post-game interviews. Without this, the NBA would not be the NBA. We have to remember that these players are also human too, even though their athletic ability says otherwise. Anyways, I’ve created a list of the pettiest events that took place during Sunday’s games.

Kyrie Irving smacks fan’s inflatable flamingo.

Before Kyrie and the Cavs swept the Pacers, he felt the need to smack a Pacer fan’s inflatable flamingo, because it is the NBA playoffs. First of all, I want to give props to that fan. I have never seen a fan hand a player an inflatable flamingo instead of a basketball. As a matter of fact, I have yet to meet anyone who hands people inflatable flamingos in general. So yeah, shout out to that petty Pacers fan, but Kyrie was not playing any games. Instead, he smacked the life out of that inflatable flamingo, and then aggressively snatched the basketball out of the fan’s hand. R.I.P. flamingo.

Pettiness rating 10/10

Rockets bench laughing at Andre Roberson.

Late in game four of the Rockets-Thunder series, Mike D’ Antoni decided to revert to the hack-a-Roberson strategy to secure a Houston win. This game plan is petty in itself considering that it is targeted at poor free throw shooters. But since it is the NBA playoffs, watching Andre Roberson missing free throws is not enough. This strategy is only successful when you are able to laugh at the opposing player when he misses his free throws and that’s exactly what the Rockets bench did. Not only did they successfully troll Roberson, they had the audacity to laugh at him on Oklahoma City’s home court. The Rockets also left Oklahoma with the dub…PETTY.

Pettiness rating 9/10

Robin Lopez gets his shoe tossed so he unties Jae Crowder’s shoe.

Yes, this actually happened. Jae Crowder decided to pick up Robin Lopez’s loose shoe and toss it. Petty, I know. But as I mentioned before, it is the NBA playoffs, so you already know that a shoe toss definitely deserves a shot back at said shoe-tosser. This is exactly what Robin Lopez did. He was so infatuated by the NBA playoffs pettiness movement that he decided to grab Crowder and then proceed to untie his shoe. I am actually not sure who wins in this battle, but all I can say is that this is quite amazing. Considering that this series is now tied 2–2, all we can hope for is more pettiness and a chance for this series to go a full seven games.

Pettiness Rating 10/10

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